One Church–Two Worship Experiences

Our Reopening Plan

In order to accommodate everyone where they are, we will offer the in-person experience alongside our live-stream experience for those who choose to continue to join us for worship from home. Our in-person experience will include social-distancing guidelines, aided by the management of the CrossFit Regeneration.

CrossFit Regeneration will:

  • sanitize all meeting areas and seats
  • sanitize all bathrooms
  • make hand sanitizer available throughout the building
  • arrange seating in sections to encourage social-distancing

Life Church will:

  • provide masks (encouraged, but voluntary)
  • follow one-way foot traffic to aid social-distancing
  • seat children with parents during worship
  • supply children with activity bags prepared by LifeKids volunteers
  • celebrate communion using pre-packaged Fellowship Cups with wafer and juice

Life Church is also committed to keeping warm hearts toward each other. Each of us will avoid judging those who choose to worship in a different setting from us because…

Jesus Changes Everything!

Pastor Adam and the Catalyst Team