Heather Hartmann

What brought you to Life Church? Is Jesus an OK answer? Because that’s the truth. Beyond Jesus, discipleship has been used powerfully in my life. Life Church’s mission of disciples making disciples is how I want to pour out my life in a church. I am passionate about serving women in their pursuit of a rich, deep and wild love affair with our Lord. When I found out Life Church’s discipleship focus, I was intrigued. Plus, some of my dearest Kentuckian family were like, “Come with us!” It all came together in a powerful hook that God used to pull me in. Now here I am on the website.

How do you serve Jesus at Life Church? The best I can! God has blessed me with gifts of encouragement and truth. I love pouring into other women of all ages, challenging them in their growth and doing life with them. I like to think I also bring laughter and joy to all meetings; God made me to be sunshine even when my life is pouring rain. But one of the biggest ways I serve at Life Church is through prayer with the Catalyst team. Organization, media and marketing are some more of my specialties.

Tell us about where you grew up, your family and where you work/what you do for a living. I was born in Wisconsin but lived much of my life in Northern Michigan. My family comes from a blessed line of believers; I grew up in an E-Free church up north and was raised to love and fear God. With an older brother and a younger sister, our family of five has spread out all across the U.S. – Houston, Phoenix, Louisville, Michigan. I currently am a managing editor of three different fitness business publications at Peake Media. I’ve been at the company for five years and love my job every day – from writing and photoing, to website managing and in office shenanigans, no day is the same.

What do you love most about Louisville? Oh man, I’m a foodie at heart. I love all the original restaurants and great food choices we have. Coming from a small town, there wasn’t much. The hiking around here isn’t half bad either! But, what I’ve come to love most about Louisville is the family God has blessed me with. Through my CrossFit gym, previous church and work, I feel at home here. So, it’s safe to say what I love most is the people. Louisville has become my home because of them. Thanks, Jesus.