Prescott “Tex” Erwin

Where Pastor Scott is today is attributable solely to the grace and providence of God. He was reared in a non-Christian home, with all of the brokenness, guilt, and shame that goes with it, but the Lord has shepherded his life, renewed his heart, and continues to transforms his mind. Jesus changes everything!

Scott took his first intentional step toward Jesus as a preteen when he realized he could never be good enough on his own to make up for his sin. He needed a savior — not just to help him, but to change him. His faith was not full-blown, but he was born-again. The Lord has carried Scott through some dark times and taken him to wonderful places he could never before have imagined going: Life Church is one of those places.

One of the most important things God did in Scott’s life was to pair him with Nikki, his wife of 37 years. The Lord continually cultivates their relationship, drawing them closer to Himself and to each other. He has empowered them to minister together for 36 years in a wide variety of roles and settings and blessed them with a family of their own: two sons, a daughter-in-law, and a growing flock of grandchildren! “Grandchildren are the crown of the elderly…” (Proverbs 17:6).

Prior to joining the church planting Catalyst Team that is now Life Church, Scott was a bi-vocational minister and commercial artist for 17 years, and then a full-time pastor for a church in Indiana for 18 years. He prepared for ministry at Campbellsville College (5 years), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (7 years), and Campbellsville University (2 years). He has been teaching in the School of Theology at Campbellsville University – Louisville since 2017 and believes in life-long learning. He is also Creative Manager and Brand Champion for the University and serves as Senior Designated School Official working with international students from all over the world.

Since he first sensed God’s call to vocational ministry, the Lord has given Scott a passion for His Word. He is a Bible teacher and shares preaching opportunities here with the other elders and pastors.

But at Life Church, Pastor Scott is especially interested in Christian spiritual formation and discipleship through Life Groups, other small groups, and one-on-one. He knows that real transformation only happens in community, so he wants to help people connect and grow. And he’d like to meet you for a beverage or a meal to talk about your next steps!

You can call or text Scott at (812) 528-1022 or message him at